Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

Can you believe that we are almost done with November? We travel up to South Carolina to visit my in-laws for the Thanksgiving holiday so we always decorate for Christmas before we leave. That way we can come home ready to celebrate the Christmas season!

I thought I would share an easy Christmas DIY before I leave. Advent calenders are so much fun and my kiddos love counting down the days to Christmas!

Last year I had a lot of party supplies left over from birthday parties I had thrown so I whipped up a simple advent calender using items I already had around the house. I had paper goody bags in different shapes and colors (from Polka Dot Market), cupcake wrappers, doilies, crepe streamers and stickers.  Inside I filled with treats (2 of each) like candy, coupons I made on the computer or gift cards. I counted each bag from 1-24 with the stickers and sealed them up with tape.

Since we are always hanging out in the kitchen I decided that was the best place to hang them...that way the kids can start their day off with a goody bag while eating breakfast :) I used good old fashioned clothes pins to hang them.

Since my kiddos have no idea how to "gently" open anything (lol), last year's advent calender was a one-time deal. So this year I decided to make one that can be used over and over again. I saw an idea on Pinterest where they made a Christmas stocking out of an old sweater. So I thought, the same idea could work with advent bags. I started with a few of Bella's old shirts that were way too small. I didn't have quite enough so I ran by the Goodwill and snagged some baby shirts for $1.
 I took a few pics this time along the way to help with the DIY steps...

You could use markers or even sew numbers on each bag. I had some iron on transfer paper laying around so I decided to use that. I typed up numbers 1-24 in fun fonts on my computer and printed them out on the transfer paper. Cut each number out and iron on the bags.

Once again, I stuffed each bag with candy, coupons and small toys. I used some twine to tie each bag and hung using clothes pins.

 I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving & fun decorating your home for Christmas! If you have any links to Christmas DIYs you love, please feel free to leave in the comments section!


  1. Just when I was happy to get my goody bag idea together LOL!!! This is SUPER CUTE!

  2. I love this idea Wendy, it looks great. Did you use Instagram for the pics or your camera, either way it is illustrated really well. Best wishes Pam @Sawreyrose.co.uk xx