Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gift Guide-for the Party Planner

Next up...a few gift ideas for those girlfriends in your life who have a love for party planning. I admit it, it's definitely one of my favorite things ever (after it is over). Planning for months a party that lasts 2 hours is definitely not for the faint of heart. Bless my hubby & kids who have just accepted that twice a year (hahahaha, more like 4-5 times a year) I plan a party and during that time I am going to be cranky and stressed and the day before I am most likely going to throw my hands up, scream that I want to cancel it all then have a good ol' fashioned cry over a batch of whatever I'm cooking that just got burned unrecognizable. We all know someone like that...well, here are some items, under $30 that can cheer up that stressed out party planner (links below):

  1. The most adorable party hats ever! $24.00
  2. Floral Garland Kit. $16.95
  3. Photo Booth lips. $12.00
  4. Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas. $15.21
  5. Happy Stripe Gift Tags. $7.50
  6. Sugar Cubes DIY cocktail kit. $13.95
  7. Ana's Striped Taper Candles (set of 2). $22.00

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