Friday, November 2, 2012

Glamping Day 2, part 1

On our second day of glamping we headed down "apple alley" to Hillcrest Farms, a local apple orchard.  It's been on my bucket list to pick apples in an orchard for a while...when I told my mom that she laughed because it used to be a chore for her to pick apples when she was a little girl and she didn't see allure of it for me :) There were a ton of apple orchards we could have picked but Hillcrest had signs for a petting zoo and pig races. Yep, pig could we not???

 There were row after row of beautiful trees, each row separated by the species of apple. Almost all of the apples had fallen already, they said we were about 1 week to late. We picked Rome apple aisle to stop and take some pictures.

The apples were beautiful and even smelled good! There were also patches of clovers everywhere. I causally mentioned to Mike that we ought to hunt for a four leaf clover and no lie...he leaned down and plucked one out of the ground! It's new home is in Mike's wallet :)
We headed over to the petting zoo which was probably intended for people younger than myself but I couldn't resist their cute little faces!

 The little black goat thought my hair smelled exceptionally good that day and thought he would give it a little nibble. Good job Mike for continuing to shoot while I was being attacked :)
  Another item crossed off my bucket list...I milked a cow. I can say I did it, I have no desire to do it again (kind of gross).
Then we were informed (by more than one Hillcrest Farms worker) that we should hurry up and get to the stands for the pig races as they are always standing room only if you dawdle around :) These people are serious about their pig races.

We left the orchard and headed back to The Martyn House to have a little picnic and enjoy the leaves falling off the trees. 

Then we headed down the little path back to our tent to get ready for the big tomorrow :)

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