Monday, November 5, 2012

Glamping Day 2-part 2

Our weekend getaway ended on the most amazing note...a Farm to Table feast held at The Martyn House. I'll warn you, I snapped a picture of each of the 5 delicious courses but it was a candle light dinner and I didn't have a flash so they are little blurry but you'll have to take my word for it, everything was top notch! The chef for the evening came in from Atlanta and we also had a professional wine guru who paired a wine for each course. So 5 course & 5 glasses of wine, you can only imagine how the "after party" went (hint...there will not be any pictures of that).

Quite a few locals joined us for the feast and they all dressed up in halloween costumes...since Mike and I didn't bring any costumes we decided I would wear my camera around my neck and we'd call ourselves tourists :)

I love it when Mike gets asked to take group photos...he definitely has the best angle :)

In the backgound of the party they showed the movie Young Frankenstein!


After we stuffed ourselves silly, we headed out to the bonfire where JoAnn had a sweet surprise for me. Since I was there celebrating my birthday and there was one other dinner guest celebrating his birthday she announced to everyone around the fire that she wanted the two birthday folks to follow her out into the field (the pitch black field). I reluctantly got up, looked at Mike and said, "please don't let me do anything stupid." We had to hold on to each other because we couldn't see and we walked about 100 yards into the dark. When I turned back I could see Mike and all of the other inebriated relaxed guests sitting around the fire getting smaller and smaller. Then JoAnn asked us to hold two white squares. I still couldn't understand what we were doing (to be honest, I thought we were going to be doing some kind of howl at the moon ritual). Then she got a lighter out and caught part of the white square on fire. It quickly started expanding and I realized what it was! It was a wish lantern...just like in the movie Tangled. She told us to make a birthday wish and send them up into the sky. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my whole weekend. And thankfully, Mike snapped some pics with his iphone. A little explanation...the guy in the picture with me was in costume, lol.  I'm sure in the deep south it's common to wear red long johns to a fancy party but he assured us it was all part of the costume :)

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  1. That place looks gorgeous! So not what I expected from "camping in the woods" and I LOVE the wish lantern!!!