Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The majority of my family vacations are within driving distance to Florida. With a family of four, flying to a destination isn't always budget friendly. One of our absolute favorite places to get away for the weekend is Atlanta. If we ever ask our kids where they want to go it would always be, Stone Mountain, GA. We have been there in the summertime and the wintertime but my favorite is the wintertime! We went last year on the kids break from school and I wanted to share some pics in case you were looking for a new place to take the family this year!

We always start with the mountain first! We buy our tickets online before we go so we don't have to wait in the (usually) long line. It is worth it to get the full package tickets which includes all of the activities for the day. There is still a bit of a wait for the skyride but the kids like watching it go and come...I am usually in panic mode because all I can see is it shaking.

You are crowded in like sardines but the conductor is really funny and at the top it makes an almost free-fall drop that everyone likes (except me).

Preston thought I might be took heavy for Mike to hold me up so he is giving a little support :(

Back down on the main grounds they have set up a tubing site. The really nice part about it is the moving sidewalks that take you up to the top of the hill because those tubes are heavy! They are also pretty nice about letting you race each other, which is a must for my ultra-competitive family!

After tubing we went to play in the snow. They have a huge lawn that they have covered in artificial snow (the closest thing my kids have ever been to snow). They have tools for you to build igloos, they have games set up for snowball throwing and for the younger kids they have a pretty cool ice castle (my kiddos were too big for).

After our snowball fight (and my attempt to keep my camera dry while being pegged with snowballs) we needed a hot chocolate break...not too bad of a view.

Then my kids absolute favorite thing about Stone Mountain, hands down...The Great Barn. This attraction is here year round so whether you come in summer or winter, it is sure to bring the most smiles. 4 stories of fun (for all ages). They collect foam balls around the barn and use them to shoot, play games or send them down the pipes to make juice. It is also every parent's favorite activity because it is heated in the winter, air conditioned in the summer and has plenty of bench seating for you to relax while the kids play.

 Last, we went into the village to watch the Polar Express 4D adventure and take in all of the lights. We ran out of time before we could take a ride on the train but it looked pretty cool and also shows the story of the very first Christmas. Good to note that Stone Mountain is very focused on the reason for the season and not just the commercialism of Christmas.

OK, so there was a little bit of the winter-side of Stone Mountain. They just completed their new water park so I am thinking we will be making a summer trip in 2013!

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