Friday, December 7, 2012

Trendy Christmas

Christmas decor has come a long way over the past 15 years. Red & green have ruled the Christmas decoration aisles of stores for years but the new trend is anything but red & green. I love seeing all of the aqua, purples and hot pinks now.  I'm pretty sure it will last for a few more years before people start saying they are going "vintage" and decorating with reds and greens again. It works perfectly for me because my house is already decorated in hot pinks, lime greens and turquoise! Reds and greens clash with my decor and who wants to clash at Christmas?? This year I am throwing a little holiday bash for a few of my girlfriends and I decided to accent the party in gold so I actually planned ahead and incorporated some gold into my holiday colors too.
 The picture frame stocking hangers were $5 at target but they were a brass-y, cheap looking plastic-y color so I just spray painted them with flat gold spray paint. Same thing with the .99 initial pins on the stockings, just sprayed them to match. The stockings were 9.99 find at TJMaxx (and they had enough of them at the same store)...score!
I have to give it to Hobby Lobby, they up their game every year...these glittered signs & deer were from there.
 I can not take any credit for my tree. My mom came over while I was working and decorated it for me. Everything, including the tree was from Hobby Lobby (all at 50% off too!)
 I found this great gold wood grain wrapping paper at TJMaxx so I scooped up as much as I could. It is going to be my signature wrapping paper this year. I have this odd niche in my entryway so I put a little bit of the wrapping paper up, trimmed it with mini-garland I found at the Dollar Tree (the one where everything is $1). I'm not sold on the battery operated candles bit since I did get the garland at the Dollar Tree, I figured it would be best not to test their flammability. My mother-in-law gave me the nativity last year for Christmas. The sequin deer head is from Home would be easy to make yourself but it was only 12.99 so why not buy it already made?
 My favorite new decorations. These are from Urban Outfitters. The small ones are $6 and the large one is $10. They have pics on the back too. I always have lots of Christmas pics but don't know how to display them, this way is perfect and everyone loves a snow globe!
In my office, where I am 75% of the day, I decided to put up a little tree since I can't see my big tree from where I work. I have been collecting glass camera ornaments for a few years, seemed like a perfect fit.

I hope you are enjoying decorating for Christmas!

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