Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Backyard Camping

This weekend we had some beautiful weather for January. Low of 50 degrees, high in the mid 60s. I really wanted to go somewhere and have fun with the family but I had a session on Saturday so we had to stay close to the house. Since the hoopla of Christmas is still so fresh we have been trying to do a few low-key things with the kids. Less money, more quality etc. One of my friends posted on her FB that she was going camping this weekend and instantly my wheels starting turning. Why not surprise the kids with a backyard camp-out. We haven't taken the kids camping in about 6 years so Bella really doesn't even have memories of camping. Preston was a cub scout so he can remember he and Mike going a few times together. I ran it by Mike to see if he would set up the tent while I ran to the grocery store for dinner & dessert. He was game for setting everything up and taking everything down but he was going to pass on sleeping in the tent since he had to get up early for his church volunteer duties the next morning. When we told the kids, they thought it was the most exciting news ever (which was a great reminder to me that kids don't need expensive trips...I guess that is more for me, lol). In my mind, having access to my own bathroom was a huge perk to backyard camping!

 Bella has starting writing her own music so she entertained us with her latest piece.

After dinner was over we headed to the tent (which was at 7:00!!!) and had lots of time before bedtime so we played a few games. Find it, spot it and pictionary were the ones they picked. 

 It got a little too dark to play...or at least for me to see to be able to play so they picked out a movie to watch. Preston and I watched the Rescuers Down Under and Bella choose SpongeBob.
Then it was finally time for bed...Preston tucked me in and Bella got a pic (blury, dark and one of my favorites).
 Yes, we all three made it outside all night. Mike left the party lights on above the tent to (hopefully) keep the stray animals away. I woke up a few times because the frogs were screaming to the TOP of their lungs...probably about us keeping the outside lights on :) We had a great time and I know it is a night the kids won't soon forget.

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