Monday, January 14, 2013

Sometimes you need a prompt

In Florida our kids have a yearly state exam called the FCAT. It is always up for debate how helpful/harmful this exam is (I can argue for hours) but the fact is that a lot is dependent on the scores your child gets on this exam. Both of my kids are taking it in a couple of months and we have never really prepped for it before, but we decided that this year we should. I emailed Preston's English teacher and asked him for any advice...he suggested that Preston write. Write about anything. I had just received an email a few days before from one of my favorite websites, Paper Coterie about a full year's worth of writing prompts that they had made and you could print at home. Perfect! I headed over to print them out and cut them into strips. I didn't go overboard decorating Preston's jar or notebook since he seems to think he is too old and too macho for that kind of thing now.

 The prompts are pretty easy, it's more of just getting the brain juices flowing and for him to work on his sentence & paragraph structure. And I get an interesting journal of how my son's brain works at 12-going on 20.

And since I can always use a little help in the prompt world too, here are this weeks photo prompts from ProjectLife365:

1. SIMPLICITY- morning coffee and reading the good book
2. FRONT DOOR- my cat waits for me while I'm gone, my hubby swears he is part dog
3. IN A DRAWER- my desk drawer, as clean as it is ever going to be
4. GAME- always been a favorite in our house, the matching game
5. SIGNATURE- my signature shot...the one most requested at photo shoots
6. MINI- my nephew Owen, although there is nothing mini about those cheeks

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