Tuesday, January 29, 2013

U-Pick Fun

A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to the U-Pick farm in St. Augustine, FL. We had such a great time! I blogged about it over at the JaxMoms blog here. Go check it out for all of the details...and if you are a Jacksonville local, definitely follow the girls over at the Jacksonville Mom's Blog. They always have great tips and fun local finds. Now the fun part, finding delicious ways to turn all of these strawberries into desserts!

Last week on ProjectLife365:

1. STYLE- I was sick with a cold and never got out of bed but I got some good use out of my cute PJs
2. CURRENTLY READING- Our church is reading through the whole Bible and this book tells the story in a way that you can easily read
3. DREAM- I dream of traveling around the world with my family
4. MAKES ME SMILE- Bella's nose freckles...makes me smile every time I see them
5. TRANSPARENT- trying a photography technique I had seen on Pinterest
6. FAUX- fake Italian food at it's worst but I do have a thing for their soup and salad

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