Sunday, February 24, 2013

Instagram love

I didn't realize I was so far behind in posting this month's ProjectLife 365 updates so here is a little catch-up:

1. SAVED UP- every spare dollar I have goes in here for our Paris trip!
2. MY VIEW- a rainy day sitting in the carpool line
3. CENTER- playing a game of HORSE with my son
4. ADVENTURE- she is always up for an adventure
5. LUCKY- he keeps this four leaf clover in his wallet for good luck
6. TASTY- Auntie Annie pretzels for snack today from a kit I bought from a school fundraiser

1. GOOD TIMES- remembering our last summer vacation to Seaside, FL
2. STEPS- Preston holding a photo of his very first step, taken on April 19th, 2001
3. ROMANCE- our dinner table for our Valentines Day feast (we never go out on the 14th)
4. REWARD- finished up my work early and snuck a few minutes alone on the hammock
5. HEAVENLY- I love to see sun flair, it reminds me that God is watching over me
6. SHARED SPACE- one of my fave pics taken of me and my hubby for our 14th anniversary last year

1. BEST DRESSED- it's hard to find cute clothes for Bella that don't look too old for her so I have to bust out the sewing machine every now and then
2. MORE- one more piece of chocolate left from V-day
3. IN MY BAG- my camera gear that is always with me
4. FREESTYLE- Mike and I had date night at a middle eastern restaurant where they had hookah...not my cup of tea but it was a neat experience
5. TGIF- wing Friday, Georgia-girl flavor is the best!
6. WHEN I GROW UP- I hope to age as graceful as my Mom

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