Monday, February 4, 2013

Starting to Pack

Less than 2 months until Paris! It occupies my mind pretty much all day every day...which is bad cause I have a lot of other stuff going on right now but I just can't help it. I think I am done with everyone's packing lists, it has been helpful that winter clothes are on clearance right now. Mike and I came up with a list of some items that we have found would be useful but might not come to mind to everyone else. We are staying in an apartment in Paris instead of a hotel so some of the packing items are tailored for that.
1. Travel Candle- The French are notorious smokers...I would hate to get to the apartment and it smell smoky or stale. This is my favorite Anthropologie candle in a travel tin.
2. Travel Clock- you never know if they will have one and it serves as a kitchen timer as well as a wake up call.
3. Museum Passes- We went ahead and per-purchsed museum passes for the family and had them shipped to us so we don't have to go wait at the travel and tourism office. We plan on visiting as many museums as we can so these passes will definitely save us money but the more important thing is that we don't have to wait in lines if we have these.
4. First Aid Kit- Our apartment isn't too far from a pharmacy but with cobblestone roads and my clumsy kiddos, it is always a good idea!
5. Flash Light- You never know if there will be lighting in the streets or the staircase up to our apartment, we have a little one that we can always have on us.
6. Umbrellas- Our fingers are crossed for blue skies but we are still Paris it rains, a lot!
7. Sleeping Mask & earplugs- Not only a good idea for the plane trip over but again, we aren't sure how noisy the street our apartment is on will be.
8. Pad Lock- Not for the apartment...nope, this is for the Le Pont des Arts bridge behind Notre Dame where you attach your lock and throw the key over the bridge signifying that your love will always stay in Paris
9. Swiss Army Knife- Since we plan on having a few picnics, we need to make sure we can open a bottle of wine and slice the cheese on the go.
10. Grocery Bags- These are good to have because they pack flat, you can use them for grocery shopping while we are there then also use them on the way home for souvenirs.

If you can think of anything else I might be forgetting...please, please let me know! I seriously keep a pen and pad by my desk because I wake up in the middle of the night with more to add to the list!!!

And here is last week's ProjectLife 365

1. REAL- I'm no real housewife...I hate housework and am not very good at it
2. GUEST- this little cutie was in my studio today for her 6 months pictures
3. OUTSIDE- Bella and I were location scouting for a future shoot
4. INSIDE- Bella has this bubblegum machine in her room and it is always a hit with her friends
5. RED- from our U-Pick outing, they were delicious
6. INNOCENT- Bella standing on her head, she definitely keeps it interesting around here!

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