Friday, March 15, 2013


I'm a huge fan of keeping a journal while traveling. Mike and I have kept one on every major trip we've been on and it is always so much fun looking back years later and reading the little details that are so easy to forget. We always try to keep two separate journals and aren't allowed to read each other's while on the trip. It is hysterical to see how different guys and girls views are. I tend to go into detail about what people are wearing, the beauty of our surroundings, etc. Mike tends to write about the service or prices of things. It makes for a complete picture of a trip. 
Since we are taking the kids with us this time we want them to keep a journal also...but asking them to keep a journal is like asking them to do homework on vacation so I decided that I would make theirs more of a scrapbook. I bought them some Smash supplies from the local craft store and I'm bringing along my Instax camera for them to take pictures.
They seem pretty excited about it and it will give them something to do at night in the apartment because the only English channel on tv will be the BBC which doesn't hold anyone's attention unless it is a marathon of my all time favorite show, Top Gear (it's on my bucket list to be an audience member on this show).

And this week's ProjectLife 365:

1. DREAMY- the last thing I see before my head hits the pillow
2. CONTAINED- my son's bulletin board...a glimpse into his brain
3. DOODLE- when I'm in the carpool line I've been doodling my packing list
4. SMASH- my nephew turns one today and stopped by for a smash cake session
5. ROAM- Bella's new shoes
6. MESSAGE- spent most of the day returning emails


  1. Hi Wendy! I try to keep jornals too, but I must confess I'm lousy at it! I'm a fellow BYW student.
    Loved your blog!
    Greetings from Brazil,

    1. Hi Rosa! Thanks! My first few entries are always pretty detailed then I start dragging and the last days are never as good. I'm determined to be dedicated and make each day a good entry on this trip :) Brazil is on my list of places to visit!!

  2. Another BYW student here popping in to say hi. Your blog is lovely, I adore its fresh clean look and am reading back through some of your older posts now... I love your journal idea that both your husband and you do on your trips. I found an old journal from a trip to Tasmania recently and it was such fun reliving memories I'd long forgotten about :)

    1. Hi Amanda! I'm a reader of your blog too...happy belated birthday!