Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bonjour! Day 1 & 2

We are back from our Spring Break in Paris! It was a magical trip, one that I certainly will never forget. I was so very proud of my kids and their behavior...we walked miles...and miles...and it was FREEZING over there and not one single time did either of them complain. Come to think of it, I think I was the only one who complained because my feet hurt and my face was frozen. Big trips like this take a lot of planning and I had our itinerary done months ago. I had our outfits planned, coordinated and packed months ago. Then, spring decided to skip Paris and winter decided to stay. To say I was stubborn about my packing would be an understatement. I'm not sure why I thought if I didn't pack myself a heavy coat or warm shoes it would not be cold. Our itinerary had to change because of the weather and all of those cute coordinating outfits had to be covered up with scarfs and jackets (thin jackets). Cute ballet flats were replaced with converse and Preston never unzipped his jacket so in every picture it looks like he is wearing the same thing. I had it all planned out in my head. Including all of the incredible pictures I was going to stage. Well after about 30 minutes outside, I gave up those plans and decided to just allow everyone to be comfortable and wear whatever they wanted. I was planning on videoing but it was just too cold to have my fingers out of my pockets for that long! Both of my kids are pretty good with my camera and they took lots of pictures of Mike and I which was awesome because we normally only have one of us in the photo, the other one is taking it. We also had some family pictures taken while we were there (and of course it was scheduled for the day with the coldest weather). BUT, there is no amount of cold weather, wrong clothing choices or itinerary changes that could even come close to putting a damper on this trip. Hands down, the best trip of my life and I am beyond lucky to have shared it with the 3 most important people in my life.

As much as I thought I didn't take that many pictures, once I got them loaded on my laptop I realized that we did take a fair amount. So I'm going to break it up into a few posts...a post for each of our days, a post on our apartment & neighborhood (since some of you have emailed wanting details of where we stayed) and finally some tips & things we learned while traveling in Paris. Hope you enjoy a little glimpse of our trip!

Sunday, March 24th:
We arrived in Paris around 11:30am on Sunday. Got our luggage and called our driver without incident. Arrived at our apartment and was met by a greeter to show us around at 1:00. We were so happily surprised with the apartment and our neighborhood. Quickly found out that everything on our itinerary had to be thrown out the window because the city was basically shut down for a protest along the Champs Elysees. We realized this after we were on the Champs Elysees and saw armed police offices in full riot gear ready to throw tear gas at the protesters. The kids thought it was awesome. I however did not nor did I pull out my camera for this event because I was in shock. So back to the metro to head back to our apartment where we spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking and playing games. We did stop in a little neighborhood cafe for coffee (Cafe Constant) and then dinner at the Italian restaurant under our apartment. Felt bad about not taking any pictures today but we were all just taking it in. The camera comes out tomorrow!

Monday, March 25:
Breakfast at home. Croissants, expresso, baguettes, nutella and jam is now our morning routine.

Bella maps out our route for today.
Preston allows Bella to do all the work.

Our metro stop is at the top of the Trocadero, with a sweet view of the Eiffel Tower. We stopped for pics. I made everyone take off their jackets...we were all frozen within minutes.

Our first stop...The Louvre!

 Our passes allowed us to bypass lines and we walked right in.

The Mona Lisa...kids asked what the big deal was...I didn't have an answer for them.

The Louvre allowed photographs everywhere but it was the kids least favorite museum. LOTS of boob paintings...everywhere. We actually started pointing out art that didn't have nudity in it and wondered how it made it into the Louvre.

We walked through the Tuileries Gardens on our way to lunch. This was one of the kids favorite spots, they asked to come back here almost every day.

Lunch at Angelina's, some say it has the world's best hot chocolate...we would agree.

 It was so thick it stuck to your teeth. No way could you drink more than one cup!

Grabbed some macarons on our way out of Angelina's to take with us to Montmartre.

Took the metro to one of my favorites spots in all of Paris, The Sacre Coeur!

We opened our box of macarons but we had no idea what flavor they were...so we tasted them all. The kids were not a fan of the rose petal flavored ones. The Parisians seem to love this flavor.

Headed to the artist area and found a cartoonist to draw Preston & Bella.

I think Bella dropped Euros in every musician's basket in all of Paris.

And she also rode every carousel we saw...and in Paris there are lots of carousels.

On our way back home, Bella wanted to stop so she could take some pictures of us...we happily obliged.

Next up, the (re-opened) Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe...with a short stop at Laduree for some more macarons to eat later.

This is what happens when you try to take a self portrait with my camera...although it might be my favorite photo of us ever!

Tonight for dinner we cooked frozen pizza's we got from the grocery store down the street. Not very french type food but eating at our apartment makes us feel like real Parisians.


  1. I loved looking at all the beautiful photos...What an awesome trip. Cant wait to see and read about more.

    Jill Hill

  2. I stumbled upon your blog while trying to find tips for traveling with my daughter to Paris. I wanted to know where did you find your apartment you stayed in. It looks like it was a great location.