Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Clay County Fair

I'll give you guys a little break from my Paris pics (yes, I have more)! This weekend my hubby had to work so I took the kiddos to the local county fair. It's become a tradition for me to take them, a definite nod to my childhood. When I was a kid my parents always took us to the fair and sometimes they would even take us down to Tampa to go to the State Fair! Now that I'm an adult, I see just how gross and scary the fair actually is. I seriously question some of the "safety" standards they have on the rides, the food and of course, the workers. But all kids love the fair. They don't view it the way we do. To them, it is a magical place. The Clay County Fair is the nicest, cleanest fair I have ever been too. I normally take them on opening day, during the week, when it isn't so crowded but this year it rained all last week and our only option was to venture out on the weekend. I always take pictures of the kids there but because it was so super crowded we decided to take video this year...hope you enjoy!

You know the drill, it takes a while to load and of course there is music so turn the volume up!

Clay County Fair 2013 from Wendy Updegraff on Vimeo.