Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 4

Wednesday, March 27:
We were able to wake up on time today...starting to get into the groove with the time change. We headed over to my favorite museum in all of Paris, Musee d'Orsay. Modern paintings in a beautiful renovated rail station, what's not to love? The kids were a lot more familiar with the paintings here than the ones from the Louvre. They were also familiar with the huge clocks at the museum because of the movie Hugo (which I highly recommend, it's one of our family favorites).

 They didn't allow camera's where any of the artwork was but in the open areas of the museum I couldn't help but snap a few.

After the museum we walked along the Seine to the Pont des Arts bridge to finally use our lock of love!
Bella and Preston took these pictures for us...I think they have a future in photography!

My new favorite neighborhood is the Saint Germain area of Paris. The streets are lined with beautiful shops and cafes and it's where we landed our first taste of Pierre Herme.

I had heard that his macarons were the best in all of Paris. So we grabbed a box of assorted, two extra large macarons for the kids and a strawberry tart for dessert later. We continued on until we reached Saint Sulpice Square where we stopped for a snack and to allow the kids to do their new favorite activity...chasing pigeons.

Interesting flavor combinations to say the least. Two of our absolute all time favorites were the Jardin Enchante (lime, raspberry & pepper) and the Jardin Marin (green tea, mushroom & lemon).

 Macarons the size of a moon pie? Yes, thank you very much!

 The square is the perfect spot for a break to people watch and it seemed to be filled with locals, not touristy at all.

 The force is strong with this one.

We needed to re-fill after all that jumping and chasing so we hit up a local food stand for lunch...any guesses what we chose???

What can I say? I'm a bad mom when on vacation...I let them eat what they want :) Then we headed over to Notre Dame. We didn't really have any desire to go in or even up to the top but we did think it was important that the kids see it. The crowds were, of course, insane in front of the cathedral.

I was more excited about heading around to the back of Notre Dame. I had read online that there was a park that no one seems to go to in the back...they were right...and the kids loved the playground.

Mike and I hung out on one of the benches with the other parents and I was just thinking, I hope the kids look back and realize that they are playing at Notre Dame!!!!
After they wore themselves out we went back to the apartment to get ready for our boat ride down the Seine. We didn't get tickets ahead of time so we just walked down to the dock at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and got in line for the 8:00 boat. Although the ride was FREEZING it was neat to see the city at night. I didn't lug my camera out (fingers frozen and all) so the only pic I had from the night is this one:

Don't we look frozen?
But more important was the dessert that was waiting for us at home that we had gotten earlier from Pierre Herme. Yes, it was delicious.

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  1. The picture of your kids in front of the clock is amazing! Was that picture allowed or did you sneak a click?