Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 5

Thursday, March 28th:

Today was kind of a free day to fit in anything extra the kids wanted to do so of course they picked going back to the Tuileries gardens to feed the pigeons. We took a new metro stop to get there and it put us on the wrong side of the seine. It was a wonderful mistake because we walked across a beautiful bridge then walked along the cobblestone path along the Seine.

We were right next to the Organgerie Museum which we had never been in before and there was absolutely no lines so we walked in to check it out. Mike and I had just watched Midnight in Paris before we left for our trip and there was a funny scene inside the museum so we sort of knew what it looked liked inside but we had no idea it was so small. There were basically 2 rooms, the size of a normal living room filled with Monet's waterlily paintings. There were benches in the center of the room for you to be able to sit and get lost in the painting...which we did...but the kids found themselves after about 2 minutes. But downstairs they had a small gallery of other paintings and drawings and to Bella's excitement, there were a few Picassos! She just finished studying his work in art class and even made a Picasso-style painting that is hanging on our fridge so seeing those in person really made her happy. I told her I thought hers was just as good and maybe one day hers would hang in a famous museum...I could see the wheels turning in her head. She must have asked me 3 or 4 times that day, "do you really think my art could hang in one of these museums???" Again, no camera's allowed in that museum but it only took us about 20 minutes to see the entire thing. It was a nice chance to warm up too.
On to the gardens. Right outside the museum we happened to look over a railing and saw this beautiful site:

It is the stash of green garden chairs they bring out when the temperatures come up. It was just such a neat site, everyone wanted to get a picture of it. In the gardens there weren't very many people but everything was still open...cafes, news stands and of course, carousels!

Right beside the carousel was a matter how old I think my kids are getting, they still never pass up an opportunity to play, which just melts my heart! I have to say, Paris loves kids. They put playgrounds everywhere!!!

The kids bought a little bag of chips from the cafe and then waited for the birds.

Don't feel bad for the pigeons, they got to eat an entire bag of chips! Our metro stop was on the other side of the Louvre so we walked through the courtyard and I asked Preston to snap a picture of Mike and I that  had seen online before. I had no ida what a huge ordeal it was going to be to have no other people in the background. But thanks to his talent & patients (and a fair amount of photoshopping tourists out)...he gave me this:

He might start charging for his time/talent on the next trip :) The one thing on Preston's list of must-dos was to tour Invalides & the Musee de l'Armee. He is such a history & war buff that I knew this was going to be right up his alley. The fact that snow flurries had started to fall only made it that more perfect to be able to get inside someplace warm!

We spent 3-4 hours in here!!! Much longer than any other museum combined! He got lost in the history and I think having the audio tour helped. He didn't want to miss a single piece in here. In fact, Mike and I had to convince him to leave! We took the bus on the way home and dropped the kids off so they could rest a little before dinner. The clouds had finally disappeared and they sun was out, about to set, so I asked Mike if he would walk around with me so I could take a few pictures of the was just so beautiful.

Once the sun went down we picked up the kids and headed to dinner down the street at Les Cocottes. It had come highly recommended from our guide, Carin. It is really small and they don't take reservations but we were able to walk in at 7pm (much earlier than Parisians eat dinner) and get a table right away. The food was delicious, the waitress was so polite and the atmosphere was 100% authentic. Exactly what we wanted.


  1. You are teaching your kids well. The photo Preston got of you guys at the Louvre is amazing!

  2. It seems you are having an amazing time! Orangerie is my favorite museum! But I understand it can be difficult to really get into the mood of it with kids! ;-)
    Wish you all a wonderful week ahead!