Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paris Day 3

Tuesday, March 26: (this day somehow ended up with only food pictures)
I remember reading an article online before we left for Paris about Kinder eggs and how they are illegal in the US and thousands are discovered trying to be smuggled in each when we saw them at the grocery store down the street from our apartment, OF COURSE we picked some up :) (here is the article)

 They were pretty tough to open :)

There were different little toys in each egg, nothing spectacular but the kids liked them...once they figured out what they were.
Chocolate eggs for breakfast? check. After breakfast we attempted to go to the Muse D'Orsay but we slept in late and got there late, and the lines to get in (even with the museum pass) were at least an hour long and it was bitterly cold. So we headed back to our side of town riding the RER instead of the metro (post on transportation coming later). What should we do for lunch??? Crepes of course!

We got the kids hot dogs too (for fear that everyone thinks I only feed my kids chocolate for every meal).

What picture you don't see is a lady coming up to us asking Bella for her food to feed her (questionable) un-born child in her stomach and me saying no in my best French accent and her cussing me out in French...I guess she could have been telling me she liked my outfit but it was all in French so I didn't understand it. Although something tells me from the speed and tone of her words, it wasn't a compliment. Once again, the kids thought that was a cool experience.

For my anniversary Mike booked a photography session with a local company in Paris so we could have some family pictures taken. I was pretty excited to not have to lug my camera around with me for a few hours! I'll post more about how our session went later. We had to meet our photographer at 3 today near the Royal Palace so we decided to eat a light snack before we left...something healthy you might ask? Only if you consider macarons healthy...and in my family, we do (fruit filling, duh)!

So after our session we were all pretty tired and frozen to the bone. The kids just wanted to put their PJs on and veg. Mike and I decided that we would go have a nice quiet dinner at a cafe across the street from our apartment without them. So Mike made them a quick meal at home and we headed downstairs and across the street. This is one of the perks of taking your kids when they are a bit older. We left my phone with them and Mike took his so they could text us if they needed us. Oh and there was this other way of communicating with them...

Looking out the window. Bella grabbed my camera and snapped a picture of us from our apartment.


  1. Another Great Day in Paris... Man! The packaging for the Macrons is Crazy pretty!

    Jill H

  2. I love the photo Bella captured of you and your husband at the restaurant from the apartment. So lovely!