Thursday, May 9, 2013

Garage Make-over

We, like most of the country, have come to the realization that we will probably be in our current home for-EVER because of the housing market. When we bought our home in 2004 we never thought we would stay in it very long and weren't too worried about how small it was. Now that our kiddos are getting older and now that I work out of the home, the house seems to be shrinking. So we are pondering creative ways to expand our square footage without spending a ton of money. The only place we could come up with was our garage. I park my car in the garage (Florida=rain) but I'm willing to sacrifice if it means I can actually send the kids to a place of their own when they are driving me crazy creatively playing around. Of course Pinterest gets me in trouble every time...I found this pin as inspiration:

Growing up, we had a ping pong table and I have the best memories playing it with my family and friends. Boyfriends were introduced to my parents over games of ping pong. Birthday parties revolved around that ping pong table and my best friend & I still talk about all those games we played. So that is where we are headed. We started simple...just a deep cleaning of the garage. We ended up with about 15 huge bags of garbage and many piles of donations. Every time we wanted to keep something we both looked at each other and said the word: Hoarder...then we tossed it.

We found a great deal on a ping pong table at Dick's Sporting goods and the kids didn't want to wait until we finished the rest of the room to start playing so we went ahead and put it up.

We still have a long way to go. The kid's wishlist is getting longer and longer by the day for what they want their hang-out space to be. I'm of course thinking of ways to decorate the walls, which no one else seems to care about. I do know that we have been playing day and night, every day and I hope that I am helping to give them memories that they will keep forever. I'll keep you posted on our progress & if anyone out there has any good ideas or pins, please let me know!!!

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  1. Ha! I totally understand! I'm coming to the conculsion that this might be our forever house too! Luckily, I'm ok with it! So, how are you handling the heat? Are you putting in an air conditioner? I think a ping pong table would be great! I might have to get me one! Can't wait to see the final design!:)