Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween is my favorite holiday...always has been and I'm sure it always will be. There are so many reasons...October is my birthday month, pumpkin patches are everywhere and the weather starts to cool off (a little). I love to decorate my house for Halloween, even if the color orange doesn't match a single thing I own! This year I was pulling out the decorations and saw a picture of my son's very first Halloween, 13 years ago. It got me feeling a little nostalgic. I pulled the family together and quizzed them to see if they could remember what they had been for every Halloween. We got all but 2 right (as their mother, I totally should have remembered but I couldn't!!!). So I got on the computer to pull up pictures and I even had to pull our scrapbook albums because when Preston was little we didn't own a digital camera!!! ***gasp*** I found one picture of each of them on Halloween and we set out to add this trip down memory lane to our Halloween decorations.

I had each of the pictures printed as a 3.5"x5" from I picked up these ready made bows, cardstock and ribbon from Michaels.

I sewed each picture onto a piece of cardstock to give it a little durability. I used a criss-cross stitch but you could use a straight stitch too.

In our kitchen we have a wall of pictures (sometimes artwork) that we hang with clothes pins...I just switched out the every day pics with these pics, in chronological order.

Ta-da! The kids love looking at pics of themselves when they were little, they giggle every time they pass this. Now that Preston is too big to trick-or-treat, it's nice to have a reminder of those days of excitement & anticipation!!

For a close up of my Ghosts of Halloween Past:

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