Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Road Trip Day 2 Virginia to Philadelphia

Day 2: Virginia to Philadelphia
Second day got started with a change of itinerary. See…I told you I could be flexible with my scheduling! We were supposed to start the morning off at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson but we took a family vote and decided on skipping that to spend more time in the afternoon in Baltimore. So after breakfast at the hotel we got on the road and drove to Luray, Virginia to see the amazing Luray Caverns.

 They have an organ set up to play by using the dripping water…it was pretty cool.

The tour lasted about an hour and a half, just the right amount of time. Everyone enjoyed it and we all said we would recommend it. The next stop was Baltimore, Maryland for a late lunch. One time on the Food Network I saw a restaurant on Triple D that was supposed to be THE place to get Maryland crab cakes…so that's where we headed. A dive called the Sip & Bite.

I have had my fair share of crab cakes but I must admit…that was the best one yet. None of us had ever been to Baltimore before so we weren't aware how cool the downtown area was. We really hadn't planned on exploring more than just the restaurant but since we skipped Monticello in the morning, we had time to walk around. Let me tell you, Baltimore rocks. The area was filled with live music, outdoor restaurants and when my kiddos spotted the National Aquarium, we knew our next stop.

 We are spoiled because we have access to IMO the two best aquariums in the whole country, the Florida & Georgia Aquariums. So this one was just ok. The jellyfish exhibit and shark exhibits were our two favorites. Baltimore left such an impression on my son, he started researching colleges in the area! We definitely all agreed that Baltimore is a place we would like to re-visit and spend more time exploring.

We finally reached our final destination for day two, Philadelphia, around 7pm. We lucked out with a great price for the Lowes Hotel downtown (highly recommend) which has an amazing lookout floor at the top of the hotel and a cool view of city hall from the front of the hotel. We grabbed a quick bite to eat across the street then went up to admire the sunset over the city of brotherly love.

Tomorrow- Philadelphia, PEZ factory & Mystic Pizza!

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