Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Road Trip Day 3: Philadelphia to Boston

Day 3: Philadelphia to Boston
Day three went pretty much as scheduled. We got up and headed out to the closest Dunkin Donuts (not too hard, there is one on every corner in Philly & Boston) for breakfast. Then walked about 6 blocks to Liberty Square where we toured Independence Hall & the Liberty Bell.

I'm not sure if we lucked out and got a really great guide or if they are all great but our tour guide was really interesting and you could tell, he loved his job. He was excited to tell us about the history of our great nation that happened in that small state house. It was really moving. I think we were all expecting the Liberty Bell to be a bit grander but it was definitely cool to see up close. After our dose of American history, we walked around Philly a bit to take in the sites and most importantly, get a cheese steak!!!

Just on the other side of City Hall we found a super nice lady who chatted with us about our trip and the city while she made us the city's food staple. It's people like her who made our trip so great! Every where we went, people were proud of their city and made us all feel like we were welcomed guests.

After lunch we checked out of our hotel and headed to Orange, Connecticut where we stopped at the PEZ Factory for a tour. This was one of the places I found using the Roadtrippers app. We aren't huge PEZ collectors or anything but we do like them and it was a perfectly timed stop so our drive was broken up. This place surprised all of us and we all said it was one of the most fun places we visited. They had kind of a museum of all things PEZ, they had games to play, you could watch them making and packaging the PEZ and they also gave out free PEZ dispensers!! It was a nice hour break for us.


We left the factory and kept driving through Connecticut so we could eat diner at one of my favorite places, Mystic Pizza! The town of Mystic is such a beautiful town all on it's own but since the movie, Mystic Pizza is such a classic it's always fun to eat here and see all of the movie memorabilia…and the pizza is actually delicious!!!

From Mystic, it's just a short drive to Boston. We arrived in bean town around 7:30, got checked into the hotel and relaxed after a long day. Tomorrow…Boston!

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