Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Road Trip Day 5: Boston to Maine

Day 5: Boston to Maine

We managed to get up pretty early and head out to one more spot in Boston before setting our sites to Maine. 14 years ago, I boarded a plane with Preston who was about 6 months old and flew to Boston to visit my sister. One place I remember the most was when she took us to visit MIT and we just walked around the beautiful grounds there and all along the river. I wanted to take Preston back there and get the same photo we took, 14 years before:

It was still just as beautiful. Who knows, maybe one day he'll be a student there!

After our little stroll down memory lane we hopped in the car and headed for Maine! Our first stop was the much recommended Lobster Shack. I saw the episode of Man vs. Food that was filmed here and knew we had to eat here…not just for the lobster, but for the amazing view!

Bucket list item crossed off: eat a fresh Maine lobster, in Maine. It was my first whole lobster and although it was tasty, I have to say, I'm not a fan of cracking it myself! It was a lot of work!!! But with a view like this, it wasn't all that bad. The restaurant itself was exactly as described, a shack, but people flock here and it fills up fast. After we stuffed ourselves, the kids went exploring along the rocky ocean front. I think they could have stayed there all day.

About 20 minutes from the Lobster Shack was downtown Portland, our stop for the night. It has a really charming downtown area, lots of shops and cool dining areas. Preston was pretty excited that they had a Jerky store, the kid practically lives on beef jerky!

Our hotel wasn't quite ready for us to check in yet so we took a short drive to visit Portland Head Lighthouse…kids weren't huge fans because we couldn't go up, but there was no question that it was a stunningly beautiful landscape!

As luck would have it, the most popular restaurant on Tripadvisor happened to be next door to our hotel. I was skeptical because everyone said that you had to order the  Poutine, which is fries topped with gravy, cheese curds and a fried egg. Sounds gross…but when in Portland…and I'm SO glad I did!

Deliciousness I tell ya! I reminded myself that calories don't count while on vacation :) We finished up the evening with a stroll along the harbor, watching and listening to all of the people. We had great weather and really enjoyed our time in the artsy town of Portland! Tomorrow we finally make it to Acadia National Park!

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