Thursday, July 10, 2014

Road Trip Day 6: Bar Harbor Maine

Day 6: Portland to Bar Harbor

I read online a great review of a donut shop right around the corner from our hotel so we woke up early to get there when it opened to get our choice of the freshest ones. Anyone that knows me knows that I could live off of donuts. You know the question you get asked...if you were stranded on a desert island and could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? My answer is always donuts. Sure, I wouldn't live long but I would die happy :)
These donuts were different because they were made with potatoes! Our trip to the Holy Donut did not disappoint!

My favorite was the sweet potato donut but to be honest, there wasn't a bad one. They were thick, like cake and really moist. If you are in Portland, definitely stop here! Then we had a few hour drive to Bar Harbor, our final destination. Our agenda today was to see as much as Acadia National Park as we could. We decided to see it by air, land and sea! We booked through Scenic flights of Acadia and they were so easy to book through. They stayed in constant communication via email and the staff was very friendly. Bella and I rode together and Mike & Preston were in the other. I sat in the back because…I hate flying. And when I say that, I mean I hate flying in the secure jumbo jets that only have a little turbulence. Do you know how much a little plane like this shakes and literally feels like it is going to plunge into the ocean????? But Bella loved every second of it so I sucked it up and kept a firm hand on my camera so I could concentrate on something other than dying!

Thats's Preston in the back and Mike in the front of their plane…Preston feels the same way about flying that I do…but that doesn't stop us from this once in a lifetime experience.

We had a great pilot who was telling us all about the islands when he asks Bella if she is ready to take over the controls…at this point I think my headset must not be working because I think I just heard our pilot ask my 10 year old if she is ready to take over the controls!!!! But she never even hesitated. He gave her a quick lesson about how to steer and how not to scare me so much by keeping the wings level. She was a pro!

We decided to grab a bite to eat before we went climbing in the park and chose Geddys because the decoration was awesome & more importantly, they cracked your fresh Maine lobster for $4…best $4 we spent, lol!

Another first for me, my first piece of blueberry pie! It was delish!!

 It looked pretty cool lit up at night too!

After lunch we headed into Acadia, straight for Cadillac Mountain. The view…well, it rocked.

We all agreed we would have liked to spend a few more days hiking and exploring but we had to head down to the harbor to catch our last mode of transport for the day…the beautiful Margaret Todd Windjammer.

All day long it was beautiful warm weather but as soon as we boarded this boat, the wind picked up and the temps dropped!

Goodnight Acadia…your beauty had me speechless!
Tomorrow, the long way home!

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