Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rome's most famous landmark- Day 2

It's never fun when you look at your weather app while on vacation and see that for the next two days there is a 100% chance of rain! You have two choices, one-cry & throw a tantrum like a 3 year old or two-get out the umbrellas and continue on. I would love to say that choice #2 came super easy to me but if I'm honest, on the inside it was all choice #1. Mike made all things better with an early morning espresso in our tiny Italian kitchen. (It's probably not tiny at all but Mike is twice the size of most Italians, lol. Do you see that little door at the end of the kitchen, that is the door to the laundry room. It's 3 feet tall.)

But day 2 of our trip was one that the kids were really excited about. We were finally going to see the the most recognizable landmark in Rome, the Colosseum! I booked the underground tour a couple of weeks ago, actually getting up at 4 in the morning to get the tickets as soon as they became available (9am Rome time). When we were planning the trip Preston's only request was a guided tour of the Colosseum so I didn't want to disappoint.

I do have to give another big shout out to Tripadvisor's forum on Rome. There are awesome people on there that gave me all the inside scoop about the size of bags allowed inside, which security lines were the quickest, etc. They really saved us a lot of headaches by helping us plan ahead accordingly. Definitely use all of those free resources when you are planning a big trip!

We got to the security gates of the Colosseum about 5 minutes before they opened. There were about 10 people already in line. They lines are well signed but Tripadvisor had already warned me of this and we got in the correct line for people with tickets already. We breezed through security and picked up our passes inside. Our guide started in about 20 minutes so we went ahead in and looked around a bit. I offered to take other people's pics for about 10 min. We met so many nice people, some of them didn't speak English or Italian, but enough to say their country (Japan & China) when I asked them where they were from. I find that the finger clicking like you are holding an imaginary camera is a universal sign for "would you like me to take a picture of you?"

The clouds were ominous but the rain held off for about an hour to be able to snap some dry pictures!!!

 Then we met up with our group of 10 people and headed on to the platform that only guided tours walk on, then down into the underground area.

We had a couple from London in our group that had their luggage stolen the day before with their passports, credit cards & clothes! And because it happened on the weekend, the Embassy was closed!! They still had a great attitude and could laugh about it now. It made my little internal drama over the weather seem so stupid. I was here, with my family, getting to experience this. A little rain wasn't going to dampen any spirits!!!

 One happy boy to be here!

By the end of our tour the rain had started but we just pulled out those umbrellas and kept on trucking. It never did really rain or what I, from Florida, consider a rain. This was more of a mist...only good for making my hair frizzy! Oh, and scaring away the other tourists...that was a bonus! From the Colosseum, we went down through the Forum, all the way to the Capitol Museum.

We were all pretty hungry at this point so we decided to eat lunch inside the Capitol Museum. It has the most beautiful view from the cafe on the roof.

As soon as we finished up our lunch it started to drizzle again so we took a taxi over to the Pantheon instead of walking. Pretty cool to watch the rain coming down from the center opening.

We were only a few blocks from our apartment so we decided to walk home and on the way we found a neat little soccer store that was like Bella's idea of heaven. Inside they had a Fiat 500 painted like an Italian flag! She picked out a few jerseys, the only souvenirs she wanted.

After shopping, we were sooooo tired! So back at the apartment, I cooked us some fresh pasta I picked up from the local grocery store and we called it a night. Big day of eating tomorrow with our food tour of Trastevere!

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